In 45 minutes, whilst getting the kind of laughs that a professional comedian would envy, Pat Mckrill taught everyone more about snakes than they’d learned in that many years.” – Rob Cross, African Wildlife Magazine

We highly recommend Pat McKrill. He is a guarantee that a function or evening will be a success”. – Sandy Quinn. C.E.O. Blue Marlin/ Langdale International

Absolutely magnificent! We can all take something out of this highly unusual but very entertaining presentation. A must”.  - Arthur Sweet, Astraflex

“In an attempt to dispel some of the myths and fears surrounding snakes, WWF Eco-Schools introduced Pat McKrill to Midlands Meander Association Education Project Schools. By the end of the talk, learners were clamouring for a chance to hold the snakes. Even educators – who were frightened to begin with – made the most of the opportunity. ”

We had a wonderful time. I never thought that one day I would hold a snake in my hands. ” – Bheki Lipheyana, principal of Hawkstone Primary (MMAEP)

“Through a very entertaining presentation titled ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’ Pat was able to convey some extremely important issues around Bio-Diversity and highlighted what we as humans can learn from nature”. – Hilton College (International Year of Bio-Diversity)

I have met no one as knowledgeable or as passionate about snakes as Pat and through his entertaining talks and demonstrations that he conducts all over South Africa and Africa he has probably done more to educate and assuage our fears than anyone else in the country.” – Tony Dixon, CEO (Institute of Directors 2003 – 2008); Honorary Vice President – Natal Rugby Union

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