Pat Mckrill (CEO Snake Country cc.), an environmentalist at heart,  is a motivational speaker and entertainer.

Born in London in 1946, Pat accompanied his parents to Rhodesia at an early age. Having established a family of his own, the Mckrill’s emigrated from Zimbabwe to South Africa in 1983.

Day Job: Freelance technical trainer and lecturer in the retail tyre Industry. He is also the in-house technical trainer at Techno Logic.

Fun jobs: A member of PSASA (Professional Speaker’s Association of S.A.); Part time inventor; Environmental consultant.

Outside interests: Armchair naturalist with a particular interest in herpetology (the study of reptiles)

Published  works: Writes articles for various publications, and has written a book called “Getting to Know the Neighbours”; A layman’s guide on how to come to terms with, and deal with, the snakes that live around us.

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